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What a Child Care Provider Must Know

(Make Your Sitter Read This)

  • First Aid and CPR. Find an American Red Cross course near you.

  • Never shake a baby or child. Explain what the sitter should do if the child won't stop crying.

  • Do not give a child any medicine, food or liquid unless instructed to do so by a parent or guardian.

  • Review the Child Care Provider Checklist.

  • Babies must always be put to sleep on their backs. This will reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

  • Toys, stuffed animals, quilts, pillows, etc. should not be placed in a crib with a baby. Babies should preferably sleep in a baby sleep sack.

  • Keep all windows and doors locked at all times. If there is a knock on the door, always acknowledge it. Do not open the door and never say that you are alone. Do not provide any information. Tell the person you are busy and not able to talk right now.

  • Never leave the house with the children unless you have express approval to do so.

  • Do not tie up the phone line.

  • Do not permit any visitors unless first approved by a parent or guardian.

  • Never leave a child alone in the bathtub. Not even for a second.

  • Never identify yourself on the phone as the sitter. Tell the caller that the parents are not able to come to the phone right now and will call them back. Ask for their name and phone number.

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