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What Your Child Care Provider

Won't Tell You

  • Every thirty or forty minutes, I need to go out for a cigarette break. Your child will be fine because I'll only be gone for a few minutes.

  • The diaper will get changed once just before you return.

  • I really don't know CPR. I'm glad you didn't ask for a course completion certificate.

  • I'll let your children have unsupervised access to the TV as long as they leave me alone.

  • I'll be spending most of my time talking on my cell phone and texting except when my boyfriend comes to visit.

  • Crying for long periods of time can't possibly hurt your baby.

  • A little junk food never hurt a child. They like it.

  • I'll let your child have unsupervised access to the computer. It will keep him or her busy. They might even learn something.

  • What you don't know won't hurt you. That's my philosophy.

  • I forgot whether the baby is supposed to sleep on her back or stomach.

  • A good smack on the butt is sometimes necessary to keep a child in line.


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