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How to Select a Child Care Provider

  • Get a family member or reliable friend if possible, otherwise obtain recommendations from trusted friends.

  • Never hire a child care provider (sitter) under the age of thirteen.

  • If possible, trade child care with friends who also have children.

  • Verify that the sitter has taken the American Red Cross babysitter class. Also verify that the sitter knows CPR and basic first aid.

  • Hire the person first as your helper (while you are busy at home) for a few hours before you leave the sitter with your child or children. Evaluate how they interact before leaving them alone together.

  • After hiring a sitter, focus on your child's reaction when you tell them the sitter will be returning.

  • Unless you know the sitter well, record the sitter's drivers license number, date of birth, and address if old enough to drive.

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